Movement, Alignment and Coordination by Mark Comerford

Movement, Alignment and Coordination by Mark Comerford

03 Nov 09:00 - 04 Nov 18:00 - Hong Kong
MYO Sports Clinic


Learn from the original

This November, MYO bring to you the founder of Kinetic Control and share about Movement, Alignment and Coordination.

This module evaluates movement patterns to help change muscle function associated to pain, pathology and compromised function. This evaluation helps therapists towards establishing a more optimised movement system for their patients. The observation and analysis of patterns of muscle synergies in functional tasks is examined and options for retraining more efficient movement strategies are presented.

Date: 3-4 November 2018
Time: 0900-1800

Venue: MYO 6-7/F Abdoollaly House, 20 Stanley Street, Hong Kong
Medium: English

Why Kinetic Control?

* Enhances ability to assess muscle function through observation of patients’ movement patterns during functional tasks
* Develops clinicians’ teaching and cueing skillset of their patients’ movement patterns to influence muscle function associated with pain, pathology and compromised function
* Combines classic and contemporary evaluation methods with Kinetic Control’s world renowned and innovative movement assessment and retraining
* Gives clinicians the ability to choose movement assessment and retraining as the intervention of choice

About the speaker: Mark Comerford

Originally educated in Australia back in the early 1980s, Mark’s certainly quick to offer generous acknowledgment to the guidance and mentorship of exceptional individuals such as Shirley Sahrmann, Gwen Jull, Paul Hodges and Lorimer Mosley.

As a principle partner in Performance Rehab, (Brisbane, Australia),he works clinically with the multi-dimensional approach to the management of musculoskeletal pain, dysfunction and elite level performance his career has championed. At this elite end, his performance and rehab consultancy has included the Chicago Bulls (NBA), Washington Wizards (NBA), West Side Dance & Physical Therapy (New York City Ballet), Vermeil Sport & Fitness (USA) and Athletes’ Performance (USA).

Alongside ongoing consultancy and training commitments, he continues to provide teaching and support for both undergraduate and postgraduate university education in the UK and Australia and is currently on the board of Sports Medicine, Australia (Queensland).

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